I love the amazing atmosphere and serene environment during prayer with all rules and regulations; specially the dress. My teachers are awesome and therefore the classes are really interesting.
Jesmin Khatun
Session 2019-2021
VPTTI is a praiseworthy institution with hospitable infrastructure, captivating environment and affectionate teachers. It is different from other training colleges as it is enforces strict rules and regulations. Training of teaching is also practised here regularly.
Akashnil Chakraborty
Session 2018-2020
The atmosphere of VPTTI is such that not only I learned how to teach but it also helped me to enhance other skills. The teachers and non-teaching staff are very co-operative with the students.
Poly Pati
Session 2017-2019
VPTTI is not like general college, it is full of rules and regfulations. I enjoyed the rules which helps us to build our character as a teacher. Our respected teachers help us, like friends in teaching and programme also.
Debashis Patra
Session 2016-2018
I will never forget my first day when I entered VPTTI wearing the uniform and feeling proud to be a student of this esteemed institute.
Megha Adak
Session 2019-2021
I have spent about 2 years studying at VPTTI and it was an absolutely an unforgettable time in my life. I want to thank all of the teachers for all the help extended to me. I can't express in words how much I appreciate it.
Samarpita Jhulki
Session 2016-2018
At VPTTI we are given not only the academic or syllabus based education but also moral and value based education which is essential while aspiring for a better future as a student. The institute has large campus, own well stocked library and hostel facility for both boys and girls.
Anusmita Basu
Session 2017-2019